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Atlanta Community

With six distinct districts, it would be hard not to find the place where you fit in, in Atlanta. Each district is split into at least two different neighborhoods, making Atlanta a diverse haven with different cultures and tastes mingling to create an all-encompassing atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for a condo in Buckhead to be near Atlanta’s nightlife, looking for the eclectic home styles of East Atlanta, or looking for a property located conveniently near the airport or Turner field in South Atlanta, you can find your dream home in Atlanta.


In downtown Atlanta, you will find Centennial Olympic Park. This park is 21 acres right in the heart of Atlanta. The most famous item in the park is the Fountain of Rings. This is a popular spot during the sultry Atlanta summers as many residents love to play in the dancing waters. The park is dedicated to the Olympic Games, as evidenced by the flags representing the host countries of each of the Summer Olympics prior to 1996. All in all, there is plenty to see and do at the Centennial Olympic Park. It’s a favorite of Atlanta residents and visitors alike.

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